Kitty Hawk Kite Festival

Hiya! My, what a crazy summer it’s been. I feel like I have been here, there, and everywhere in between. Physically, mentally, emotionally, just the complete gamut of feels.

Now is the time for my son and I to really knuckle down and establish a routine. We’re finally starting homeschool this week with a plan, I’ve started 80 Day Obsession, I’m really trying to apply myself to growing my business with ItWorks, and I just love this time of year in general. September and October are always big transitional months for me; there’s always major changes underfoot. Maybe it’s the change of seasons…. hahahahaha just kidding it’s Florida, it’s still a million degrees and will be until at least mid-October.

But I digress.

I had promised to take Nathaniel to the beach this past weekend – 1) because we hadn’t been to the beach in a hot minute and 2) because the Kitty Hawk Kite Festival was happening!

This festival of flying art is hosted by Kitty Hawk Kites – they have several locations in the southeast US; this particular event took place at the Boardwalk on Okaloosa Island.

I went to the festival earlier this year and I was impressed but also a little underwhelmed (what, you didn’t know a woman could feel two opposite emotions at once? Silly). If I remember correctly, the event happened on a major weekend (fourth of July, maybe?), and the beach was packed and there weren’t that many kites flying. I have to admit I’ve become spoiled by my regular beach spots that I’ve scoured and held on to for their privacy and lack of tourists. When I say the beach that day was packed, I mean you couldn’t even take a step without walking on someone. It almost ruined the Boardwalk for me, honestly. Since then, though, I’ve gone again and even though it is seriously geared towards tourists and travelers, it is a really nice spot. And there’s a playground on the beach – totally a plus in my book.

The pier on Okaloosa Island

So, when I saw that the Kite Festival was coming back, I decided to give it a second chance. I do love the kites and it’s late enough in the season that I knew it wouldn’t be as crowded. Definitely the right decision.

The kites were amazing and the beach was beautiful and not crowded at all. The weather was lovely and the Gulf waters were warm. A perfect outing.

My beach baby
Seriously, this is paradise

So if you’re ever in this area and the Kite Festival is going on, definitely make the trip to see it! The Kitty Hawk Kite store has a table set up for kids to make their own kits to fly, there’s several restaurants at the Boardwalk and the nearby pier (I recommend the Avocado Fries at Rockin Tacos, yum!), and it’s a nice, *free*, family-friendly event.

Until next time! See ya! 💖

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