It all started with one gray wall… well, kinda.


It all started with one wall. One single wall in my living room to be painted gray (Sherwin Williams “Agreeable Gray,” ironically), that spurred the momentum to change my entire life. Well, kinda.

It’s been a slow, seething, spiritual awakening type movement to get to this moment – me, here, sitting in front of my computer putting thoughts out visually in a here-we-go type of fanfare. 

Hi, I’m Megan; and this is a restart to the restart to the restart. Just like the beginning animation to Bob’s Burgers.

To flesh out the long story, we’d be here for literal ages. And I get stuck with analysis paralysis. And as you can see, I’m quite wordy. Buckle in, that doesn’t go away. 

I told myself I have 10 minutes to write my first blog post on this newest journey of mine. 

I’ve owned and lived in our current house for 10 years. It’s been through a lot. Me, my husband and kiddo – we’ve been through a lot, in this house. See, I can’t explain a 10 year journey in 10 minutes – I’m already 5 minutes in and not even to the point yet. 

About a year/year and a half ago, I had wild dreams of leaving this house and all of its memories behind for a life well-traveled on the open road. I had two or three major garage sales; sold nearly ¾ of our household possessions; and in the process, discovered a love for selling things on the internet and decided to low-key open an E-bay store to see if I liked it (I do!). 

But, becoming a traveling family has not come to fruition (yet), and I realized that we are in the right place for where we are now. So, I had to switch gears. Now, I love our house. I really do. But, it’s been through 10 years of hell and major character changes. The Megan and Daniel that bought the house in 2010 are not the same people in 2020. There’s a 5 year old boy in the mix. We’ve had two dogs and one cat come and go; and now Lucy rules our roost. Things have changed. 

The house needs an update. I decided that if we couldn’t just uproot our lives and run away from our location that I would hunker down and truly, truly, make this home one that I am proud to live in and one that has risen from it’s challenges, just like us (insert cry face emoji here).

Hmmm, ok, that’s all well and good (I’m at 15 minutes here, for anyone keeping track), I’m going to be the next Joanna Gaines of my generation and Ana White is my insta-inspo, my Living Spaces Pinterest board is sub-categorized and organized; I can read directions (following, ok, needs improvement), and I am one with Google. Let’s go. 

I caught this wild hare at the end of October, 2019 and today is March 8, 2020. Hooray! I am actually celebrating because I’m actually taking action. Today, I am painting the wall gray. Then, I am putting the ladder away until I can devote some attention to the rest of the house. There’s a process. I promise. 

In the beginning, I started making punch lists for all the things that needed to be done in the house. I have one for each room (living, kitchen, laundry, office/guest, N’s room, N’s bath, master, master closet, master bath, deck, and garage). I take so much comfort in lists – so much so that I tend to lose myself in the planning and don’t do any work to actually make progress. I know I’m not alone out there. 

All the while I’m poring over to-do lists and heavy-sighing when feeling like spinning my wheels, I decide that I need to find an outlet and as it does about once a year, my poor little website, my blog with the hopes and dreams of 2018 and 2016… (whoa, patterns) are whispering to me from the ethereal. Then, I opened Word-Press site, stared at it for about 10 minutes, closed the tab and went to bed and proceeded to scroll on Pinterest. And that’s when I found Ruth Soukoup of Elite Blog Academy. 

Somewhere in the middle of all of that, I went to see a physic medium. That’s important.

My blog has been a thorn in my side – an obstacle not only in my professional aspirations, but also in my self-development journey. I’ve tinkered with blogs ever since Tumblr was a thing; but never really held the discipline for the long haul. I’d always found more satisfaction in Instagram and Facebook and chose to keep my focus there. But, in the years I found myself craving a platform in which to express my overly-wordy self, I turned to my blog. 

So, if you’ll humor me, imagine a world in which I am ready to grow personally and professionally, at a steady pace with my ebay store, building up my side hustle in cleaner, greener cleaning products, filled with gung-ho and dreams of household renovation, and ready to take my blog from mere whispers to a roaring platform in which I share all of these crazy things in my head. Still with me? Good.

I bought the paint. I taped the wall. I spackled the holes. I cleaned the baseboards. I took down and hid all the paintings. And… the wall sat there. For about two weeks. Hopefully the timeline for the rest of my projects are more streamlined (fingers crossed). 

But hey, I did it! Today I painted the wall. Today, I’m publishing this post. 

Hopefully, my ramblings and thoughts give someone inspiration to do the dang thing. To live life on their own terms. To imagine, plan, and execute the life they’ve always dreamed. I know I don’t want to spend the next ten years of my life devoted to something I don’t believe in or care about. I’m taking action now (well, I guess it’s been 10 years in the making) to move forward. Consistency, discipline, boundaries and organization mixed with creativity, color, and chaos – here we go! 

Until next time,


PS – it took me all day to write this post 🙂 Full disclosure – I made it to near the end, N woke up, the rest of the day went by – I painted the wall! – came in to plug my computer back in and noticed this tab still open. Yup. Everything’s fine. 

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